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About Us

Trimurti Hospital has been established with a vision to become a integrated healthcare delivery system.

It is one of the fastest growing integrated healthcare with multi-vertical presence that touches millions of lives.

Trimurti Hospital provide different healthcare verticals ranging from primary healthcare, day care speciality healthcare, hospitals, dental clinics and diagnostics.

Among its assets, the hospital owns quality healthcare Ltd.

This integration will unlock multiple synergies in growth, talent, medical verticals and cost efficiencies.

We commit to best outcomes and experience for our patients. The hospital treat patients and their caregivers with compassion, care and understanding. Our patients' needs will come first. We organises numerous health camps. Provides subsidised medical care and relief in disaster situations.

Health Tips

Heart Tips

The literal meaning of the word Anemia is lacking blood or without blood.

Allergy Tips

Air Conditioning and Allergies To help alleviate problems with pollen,

Brain Tumor

A brain tumor is an abnormal mass of tissue in which the cells grow and multiply